Jasvinder Pal Singh

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— Gait as a behavioural biometrics has been the subject of recent investigations. One of the unique advantages of human gait is that it can be perceived from a distance. A varied range of research has been undertaken within the field of gait recognition. A gait describes the manner of a person's walking. It can be acquired at a distance and if necessary(More)
— In populated indoor environments, the radio signal quality is heavily influenced by channel impairments caused by movement of people, obstacles, or radio interferences. In such environments, high packet drop rates lead to frequent retransmissions and increased energy consumption of resource-restricted wireless nodes. To overcome this, we propose a novel(More)
— Energy efficient reliable communication over unpredictable wireless medium is a major challenge for resource constrained wireless sensor nodes employed in process/environment control application. In this paper, we suggest the soft decision decoding (SDD) based advanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) scheme for low power distributed sensor nodes. The(More)
This study explored the antioxidant and immunomodulatory potential of ethnomedicinally valuable species, namely, Arisaema jacquemontii of north-western Himalayan region. The tubers, leaves, and fruits of this plant were subjected to extraction using different solvents. In vitro antioxidant studies were performed in terms of chelation power on ferrous ions(More)
Prevention of security breaches completely using the existing security technologies is unrealistic. As a result, intrusion detection is an important component in network security. However, many current intrusion detection systems (IDSs) are signature-based systems, The signature based IDS also known as misuse detection looks for a specific signature to(More)
Now a days, the rate of using digital image is increasing exponentially because of its low cost and easy manipulation property. It is obvious that digital images captured from CCD cameras or other digital image devices have to be analyzed and determined before processing it, to keep the integrity and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the digital image.(More)