Jassim M. Abdul-Jabbar

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In this paper, a new FPGA-based parallel processor for shortest path searching for OSPF networks is designed and implemented. The processor design is based on parallel searching algorithm that overcomes the long time execution of the conventional Dijkstra algorithm which is used originally in OSPF network protocol. Multiple shortest links can be found(More)
In this paper, a new identification method for iris recognition is presented. Among the four main steps of iris recognition, traditional segmentation and normalization steps are utilized in the proposed method. A non-traditional step for feature extraction is applied where a new bank of two-dimensional (2-D) elliptical-support wavelet Haar filter bank is(More)
In this paper, Bireciprocal Lattice Wave Digital Filters (BLWDFs) are utilized in an approximate linear phase design of 9<sup>th</sup> order IIR wavelet filter banks (FBs). Each of the two branches in the structure of the BLWDF realizes an allpass filter. The low-coefficient sensitivity, good dynamic range and good stability properties of such filters allow(More)
Multicarrier modulation using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is often recognized as an efficient solution for wireless communications. However, waveform bases other than sinusoidal functions can similarly be used for multicarrier systems in order to provide an alternative to OFDM. In this context, DWMT transmission systems are suggested.(More)
In this paper, a wavelet neural network (WNN) (or wavenet) predictor is used to predict the congestion state for each link in the computer network. The proposed WBCP predictor generates the congestion state for each link based on the utilization values of each link measured in the previous time intervals. WNNs possess the learning and generalization(More)
In this paper IIR wavelet filter banks are efficiently designed and implemented with approximate linear-phase in pass-band. Bireciprocal lattice wave filter (BLWDF) is utilized with the replacement of one of its branches by only a unit delay. The resulting IIR filter bank is efficiently designed as wavelet transform equivalence with approximate linear-phase(More)
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