Jasrul J. Jamian

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Total power losses in a distribution network can be minimized by installing Distributed Generator (DG) with correct size. In line with this objective, most of the researchers have used multiple types of optimization technique to regulate the DG's output to compute its optimal size. In this paper, a comparative studies of a new proposed Rank Evolutionary(More)
Received Jan 4, 2012 Revised Feb 12, 2012 Accepted Feb 14, 2012 The size of Distributed Generation (DG) is crucial in order to reduce the impact of installing a DG in the distribution Network. Without proper connection and sizing of DG, it will cause the power loss to increase and also might cause the voltage in the network to operate beyond the acceptable(More)
This paper presents a solution to solve the network reconfiguration, DG coordination (location and size) and capacitor coordination (location and size), simultaneously. The proposed solution will be determined by using Artificial Bee Colony (ABC). Various case studies are presented to see the impact on the test system, in term of power loss reduction and(More)
Optimum DG placement and sizing is one of the current topics in restructured power system. Most of the authors have worked out on their optimum placement base on the power losses reduction concept. However, the improvement on power losses value in the network will not guarantee to the planner to have lower voltage stability index (VSI) for the system. This(More)
The utilization of Distributed Generation (DG) sources in Distribution Power system is indeed vital as it is capable of solving problems especially pertaining to power losses due to an increasing demand for electrical energy.The location and optimal size of DG has become a prominent issue for the network to have lower power losses value. In order to reduce(More)
Unit Commitment (UC) plays a key role in power system operation and control. With the integration of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) into the power systems, many researchers are still investigating their effects in the UC. This paper presents an improved priority list method for solving the UC with the integration of RES, solar and wind. Coherent(More)
The appropriate output of distributed generation (DG) in a distribution network is important for maximizing the benefit of the DG installation in the network. Therefore, most researchers have concentrated on the optimization technique to compute the optimal DG value. In this paper, the comparative learning in global particle swarm optimization (CLGPSO)(More)
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