Jasronita Jasni

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Nowadays, particle swarm optimisation (PSO) is one of the most commonly used optimisation techniques. However, PSO parameters significantly affect its computational behaviour. That is, while it exposes desirable computational behaviour with some settings, it does not behave so by some other settings, so the way for setting them is of high importance. This(More)
In many optimisation problems, all or some of decision variables are discrete. Solving such problems are more challenging than those problems with pure continuous variables. Among various optimisation techniques, particle swarm optimisation (PSO) has demonstrated more promising performance in tackling discrete optimisation problems. In PSO, basic variants(More)
This paper describes a technique to detect, classify and locate faults on an underground cable system based on the principles of travelling waves. The occurrence of faults on power systems will result in the high frequency voltage and current signals to propagate along the power systems. These signals contain a lot of information and can be used for fault(More)
Abstract—The aim of this paper is to present a parametric study to determine the major factors that influence the calculations of current rating for both air and underground cables. The current carrying capability of the power cables rely largely on the installation conditions and material properties. In this work, the influences on ampacity of conductor(More)
Protection of medium voltage (MV) overhead lines against the indirect effects of lightning is an important issue in Malaysia and other tropical countries. Protection of these lines against the indirect effects of lightning is a major concern and can be improved by several ways. The choice of insulator to be used for instance, between the glass, ceramic or(More)
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