Jaspreet Kour

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This study presents a new online signature verification system based on fuzzy modelling of shape and dynamic features extracted from online signature data. Instead of extracting these features from a signature, it is segmented at the points of geometric extrema followed by the feature extraction and fuzzy modelling of each segment thus obtained. A minimum(More)
This paper presents an online signature verification system based on Genetic Algorithm-Support Vector Machine (GA-SVM). The raw information, obtained from SVC 2004 database, as time functions is used to derive 75 features. Six different groups of features have been generated from 75 features and their performance evaluated using SVM. A method is proposed to(More)
Valeriana jatamansi is an indigenous medicinal plant used in the treatment of a number of diseases. In the present study, chemical composition of the essential oil was determined by GC-MS. Seven major components were identified in Valeriana jatamansi essential oil, namely, β-vatirenene, β-patchoulene, dehydroaromadendrene, β-gurjunene, patchoulic alcohol,(More)
Fingerprint verification is one of the most reliable personal identification method. However, manual fingerprint verification is tedious, time consuming and expensive. Thus it is incapable to match the required speed and accuracy expected in modern world. Minutiae based and image based are two major approaches for fingerprint recognition. Image based(More)
For the need of robust and secure functioning of computer systems, advanced computational systems are required, for which Artificial Immune Systems are used. These systems are inspired by the immune system of human body, in humans the immunity system saves the body from external threats. We in this paper would analyze the comparison of networking branches(More)
Palmprint identification is one of the evolving technologies for personal authentication. Multispectral palmprint over the years have been widely used for authentication and security. This paper investigates the use of hybrid of Gabor filter and information sets for multispectral palmprint feature extraction. The Gabor feature vector has high dimensionality(More)
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