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The Dutch Nao Team consists of students and staff members from three Dutch universities. The Dutch Nao Team debuted in the Standard Platform League (SPL) competition at the German Open 2010. Since their founding the Dutch Nao Team has been qualified for the world-cup competitions in Istanbul, Mexico City and Eindhoven. Although qualified, the Dutch Nao Team(More)
A syndrome characterized by runting, bad feathering and moderate to serious leg weakness occurring in broiler flocks could be reproduced experimentally in birds kept in isolators. The disease could be transmitted to one day old broiler chicks by inoculation of homogenized intestines from birds suffering from this syndrome. Moreover, the disease could be(More)
Technetium brain scans and scintiphotos made in a series of 300 patients, harbouring 100 brain lesions, were blindly reviewed and compared. The overall accuracy of the original readings had been 84.5%. — In this series scanning turned out to be more reliable than scintiphotography, either with or without the use of a 1600-channel analyzer, although in a few(More)
Since the work of Moore in the years 1948-53 the investigation of cerebral diseases by means of radioactive isotopes has developed in various directions, although it still has to find general acceptance. The technique used depends on the isotope chosen and on the way in which the gamma rays, emitted by the isotope, are counted and recorded. In the U.S.A.(More)
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