Jasper Wille

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Evidence suggests that cellular responses to mechanical stimuli depend specifically on the type of stimuli imposed. For example, when subjected to fluid shear stress, endothelial cells align along the flow direction. In contrast, in response to cyclic stretching, cells align away from the stretching direction. However, a few aspects of this cell alignment(More)
A vital characteristic of skin is its ability for wound repair in response to injury. A transient elevation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) in the epidermal and dermal compartments of healing wounds implicates the MMP family of enzymes in the regulation of events important to injury repair. Transgenic mice expressing human interstitial collagenase(More)
Changes in the isotopic composition of carbon can be used to reveal simultaneous occurrence of methane production and oxidation in soil. The method is conducted in laboratory jar experiments as well as in the field by using flux chambers. Simultaneous occurrence of production and oxidation of methane was suggested.
The ability to monitor the appropriateness of hospital antibiotic use is a key element of an effective antibiotic stewardship program. A set of 11 generic quality indicators (QIs) was previously developed to assess the quality of antibiotic use in hospitalized adults treated for a bacterial infection. The primary aim of the current study was to assess the(More)
Microbial methane oxidizers play a crucial role in the oxidation of methane in marine ecosystems, as such preventing the escape of excessive methane to the atmosphere. Despite the important role of methanotrophs in marine ecosystems, only a limited number of isolates are described, with only four genomes available. Here, we report on two genomes of(More)
The introduction of substituents at position 3 of methyl 4-oxoretinoate can be effected in good yields by alkylating the lithium dienolate. A second substituent can be introduced also, but the resulting 3,3-disubstituted-4-oxoretinoates were isolated in lower yields. Evidence was obtained for a slower rate of alkylation at the alpha-position (carbon 14) of(More)
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