Jasper Speicher

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A prototype system for the automatic evolution of biomimetic structures using structural automata is described and its utility for generating digital sculpture is demonstrated. Sculptures are generated from a primordial shape which is represented in terms of a triangular mesh and sculpture is created by extending the original surface using tetrahedral(More)
This paper introduces a new stochastic surface model for deformable 3D surfaces and demonstrates its utility for the purpose of 3D sculpting. This is the problem of simple-touse and intuitively interactive 3D free-form model building. A 3D surface is a sample of a Markov Random Field (MRF) defined on the vertices of a 3D mesh where MRF sites coincide with(More)
It has become increasingly important to be able to generate free-form 3D shapes in commercial applications using rapid prototyping technologies. In many cases, the shapes of interest are taken from real-world objects that do not have pre-existing computer models. Constructing an accurate model for these objects by hand is extremely time consuming and(More)
The Mid-Ocean Studio, Brown University's SHAPE lab, and Goldsmiths College are collaborating on a prototype system for the automatic evolution of biomimetic sculpture using structural automata. This collaboration is resulting in effective, computerized means to autogenerate large, increasingly complex works of art, and allowing for a long-anticipated(More)
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