Jasper Soetendal

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Based on interviews with a number of architects andmanagers from a wide range of organizations, we characterizehow architecture is perceived in practice. We identifythree groups of organizations that differ with respect to theirlevel of architectural thinking and the alignment of businessand IT on architectural issues. Analysis of the interviewsfurther(More)
An essential question for every business is " How is value created? " Since the industrial age, value is created through a value chain, a chain of consecutive value activities that all together create a tangible product. However, with the current information technology, our economy shifts increasingly towards the economic offering of more complex,(More)
To deal with complex customer needs, enterprises increasingly form constellations , rather than just operate on their own. Cisco Systems and Dell are good examples of organizers of such constellations in their own industries. An important problem while designing these constellations is the selection of a performing enterprise for each value adding activity(More)
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