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This paper is the outcome of a study for three algorithms that can be used to solve the Byzantine Generals/Agreement problem in sensor networks. Sensor networks are in this way different from the regular networks, where solutions have been proposed for, that they use broadcasting to communicate with other nodes. This paper presents one algorithm for(More)
This paper presents the outcome of a study performed in the Nether-lands on handling multiple metadata streams regarding digital learning material. The paper describes the present metadata architecture in the Netherlands, the present suppliers and users of metadata and digital learning materials. It furthermore describes the roles of suppliers and users(More)
This paper presents the current results of an ongoing research about a new data standards development concept. The concept is called Instant Standard referring to the pressure that is generated by shrinking the length of the standardization process. Based on this concept it is estimated that the development time is reduced by over 50% while maintaining an(More)
About two thirds of the energy consumed in buildings originates household appliances. Nowadays, appliances are often intelligent and networked devices that form complete energy consuming, producing, and managing systems. Reducing energy is therefore a matter of managing and optimizing the energy utilization on a system level. These systems need standardized(More)
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