Jasper Perry

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This study used influential physicians to disseminate information concerning the advantages of developing and using computer-stored personal order sets with a hospital information system. The results indicate that continuing medical education delivered through influential physicians is an effective way of changing physicians' practice behavior.
We examined some of the factors that contribute to the development of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and analyzed postmarketing ADR reports for 22 drugs. The role of metabolic-based drug-drug interaction in the development of ADRs can not be overstated. Assessment of the postmarketing ADR data for 22 drugs revealed that drugs with high potential for(More)
Therapeutic misconception is a well-known challenge for informed decision-making for cancer research participants. What is still missing, is a detailed understanding of the impact of "personalised" treatment research (e.g. biomarkers for stratification) on research participants. For this, we conducted the first longitudinal empirical-ethical study based on(More)
Legionella is a highly diverse genus of intracellular bacterial pathogens that cause Legionnaire's disease (LD), an often severe form of pneumonia. Two L. micdadei sp. clinical isolates, obtained from patients hospitalized with LD from geographically distinct areas, were sequenced using PacBio SMRT cell technology, identifying incomplete phage regions,(More)
× 200). Slight deformation is due to short-term decalcification by the acetic acid and rehydration process. As for the previous diagnosis of comparable eggs from a French fifteenth-sixteenth century AD latrine (Montbéliard),4 and because the parasite has an African origin,5 our main hypothesis is of an imported case (slave? traveller? merchant?). This case(More)
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