Jasper P. Janssen

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BACKGROUND Root cause analysis is a method to examine causes of unintended events. PRISMA (Prevention and Recovery Information System for Monitoring and Analysis: is a root cause analysis tool. With PRISMA, events are described in causal trees and root causes are subsequently classified with the Eindhoven Classification Model (ECM). It is important that(More)
Selection of the best set of scales is problematic when developing signal-driven approaches for pixel-based image segmentation. Often, different possibly conflicting criteria need to be fulfilled in order to obtain the best trade-off between uncertainty (variance) and location accuracy. The optimal set of scales depends on several factors: the noise level(More)
The increasing demand of frequency bandwidth for broadband wireless applications results in surveys to new frequency bands, suitable for high data-rate applications. The 60 GHz band is one of the candidates for this type of applications. Due to the high operating frequency the 60 GHz topic is challenging for IC design and measurement. Integration of(More)
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