Jasper P. Janssen

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The accurate assessment of the presence and extent of vascular disease, and planning of vascular interventions based on MRA requires the determination of vessel dimensions. The current standard is based on measuring vessel diameters on maximum intensity projections (MIPs) using calipers. In order to increase the accuracy and reproducibility of the method,(More)
An approach is presented for monitoring the effects of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with Ewing's sarcoma using dynamic contrast-enhanced perfusion magnetic resonance (MR) images. For that purpose, we modify the three-compartment pharmacokinetic permeability model introduced by Tofts et al. (Magn Reson Med 1991;17:357-67) to a two-compartment model.(More)
Selection of the best set of scales is problematic when developing signal-driven approaches for pixel-based image segmentation. Often, different possibly conflicting criteria need to be fulfilled in order to obtain the best trade-off between uncertainty (variance) and location accuracy. The optimal set of scales depends on several factors: the noise level(More)
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