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Time series of rainfall data and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) were used to evaluate land cover performance in Senegal, Africa, for the period 1982–1997, including analysis of woodland/forest, agriculture, savanna, and steppe land cover types. A strong relationship exists between annual rainfall and season-integrated NDVI for all of Senegal(More)
Experimental evidence suggests that anisotropic stress induces alignment of intracellular actin filaments. We develop a model for this phenomenon, which includes a parameter reflecting the sensitivity of the microfilament network to changes in the stress field. When applied to a uniform cell sheet at rest, the model predicts that for sufficiently large(More)
Introduction: Twenty-five years after the discovery of meteoritic nanodiamonds, their origins are still unknown. Isotopic anomalies in Xe, Ba, Pd, and Te found in bulk samples of nanodiamonds can be only explained by stellar nucleosynthesis and hence indicate a presolar origin [1–4]. In contrast, C and N isotopic ratios of bulk nanodiamonds are close to(More)
A study of air quality was performed using a compact, aircraft aerosol lidar designed in the Science Directorate at NASA Langley Research Center and MODIS AOD retrievals. Five flights of lidar measurements conducted in the Hampton-Norfolk-Virginia Beach region showed complex regional aerosol distributions. Comparisons with MODIS AOD at 10x10-km and 5x5-km(More)
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