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Motivated by the energy domain, we examine a risk-averse buyer that has to purchase a fixed quantity of a continuous good. The buyer has two opportunities to buy: now or later. The buyer can spread the quantity over the two timeslots in any way, as long as the total quantity remains the same. The current price is known, but the future price is not. It is(More)
—We examine retailers that maximize their relative profit, which is the (absolute) profit relative to the average profit of the other retailers. Customer behavior is modelled by a multinomial logit (MNL) demand model. Although retailers with low retail prices attract more customers than retailers with high retail prices, the retailer with the lowest retail(More)
This is a list of theses and publications, marked as follows: H done (at least partially) at Stony Ford, OR * providing a perspective on work at Stony Ford, OR • on a topic that could profitably be pursued at Stony Ford. Unless otherwise noted, the theses were done by undergraduates in the Department of Biology or the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary(More)
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