Jasper G Huang

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The use of nanoparticles as platforms or vehicles for applications in nanomedicine, such as drug delivery and medical imaging, has been widely reported in the literature. A key area of potential improvement in the development and implementation of nanoparticles is the design of surface treatments to maximize residence time in the bloodstream. Major(More)
The insecticidal activities of extracts from different parts of Cacalia tangutica (Franch.) H.-M. and two active ingredients, friedelin and stigmasterol, against Musca domestica L., Aedes albopictus (Skuse), and Spodoptera litura (F.) cells (SL cells) are reported. Extracts from leaves, flowers, and roots are highly active against adult M. domestica and the(More)
We report the concentration-dependent adsorption of serum lipoproteins onto silica nanoparticles, wherein elevated lipid levels deter complement activation. Two clinically relevant serum lipid levels - corresponding to low and borderline high levels in normal, healthy adults - were used to examine the influence of lipoprotein concentration on nanoparticle(More)
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