Jaspal Singh

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The coupling of environmental conditions to cell growth and division is integral to cell fitness. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the transcription factor Sfp1 couples nutrient status to cell growth rate by controlling the expression of ribosome biogenesis (Ribi) and ribosomal protein (RP) genes. Sfp1 is localized to the nucleus in rich nutrients, but upon(More)
A chamber stiffness (K(LV))-transmitral flow (E-wave) deceleration time relation has been invasively validated in dogs with the use of average stiffness [(DeltaP/DeltaV)(avg)]. K(LV) is equivalent to k(E), the (E-wave) stiffness of the parameterized diastolic filling model. Prediction and validation of 1) (DeltaP/DeltaV)(avg) in terms of k(E), 2) early(More)
The prime function of the effective utilization of heterogeneous multiprocessor system is accurately mapping of tasks and makes their scheduling on different processors for reducing their total finish time. Total runtime is time taken time for all jobs with the individual runtime of tasks and their communication cost among tasks. An optimal scheduling of(More)
Some new substituted-tetrahydroisoquinoline derivatives were synthesized and evaluated for their in vitro antimicrobial activities against the standard Gram positive and Gram negative strains: Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 25923), S. epidermidis (WHO-6), Escherichia coli (ATCC 25922), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 27853),(More)
INTRODUCTION Trauma and injury severity score (TRISS), introduced in 1981 is a combination index based on revised trauma score (RTS), injury severity score (ISS) and patient's age. In this study we have used TRISS method to predict the outcome in trauma cases. MATERIALS AND METHODS 1000 consecutive cases of trauma of adult age group admitted in casualty(More)
Previous observations (Garcia et al. 1998; Sohn et al. 1997; Nagueh et al. 1997) indicate that mitral annulus velocity may be viewed as a "load-independent" index of filling and that wedge pressure is linearly related to the transmitral flow velocity (V(E)) to mitral annulus velocity (V(MA)) ratio (V(E)/V(MA)) measured at maximum velocity. In healthy(More)
We sought to extract additional physiological information from the time-dependent left ventricular (LV) pressure contour and thereby gain new insights into ventricular function. We used phase plane analysis to characterize high-fidelity pressure data in selected subjects undergoing elective cardiac catheterization. The standard hemodynamic indexes of LV(More)
The physical stability of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is of significant scientific and regulatory concern. Carrying out physical stability testing on lots with varying rates of hydrate conversion can potentially lead to erroneous conclusions if these rate differences remain unknown and unstudied. The lot dependency of etoricoxib's rate of(More)
Prior studies and techniques for harvesting iliac crest bone have shown significant postoperative pain, disability, and poor cosmesis. This retrospective study was conducted to examine bone graft donor-site morbidity by evaluating functional outcomes in patients who have undergone a modified anterior harvesting approach. The medical charts and hospital(More)
BACKGROUND Sickle cell disease is a genetic chronic haemolytic and pro-inflammatory disorder. The clinical manifestations of sickle cell disease result from the presence of mutations on the beta globin genes that generate an abnormal haemoglobin product (called haemoglobin S) within the red blood cell. Sickle cell disease can lead to many complications such(More)