Jason de La Cruz

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HIV-1 release is mediated through two motifs in the p6 region of Gag, PTAP and LYPX(n)L, which recruit cellular proteins Tsg101 and Alix, respectively. The Nucleocapsid region of Gag (NC), which binds the Bro1 domain of Alix, also plays an important role in HIV-1 release, but the underlying mechanism remains unclear. Here we show that the first 202 residues(More)
NHL is a common AIDS-associated cancer. NHL is thought to occur due to errors in Class Switch Recombina-tion (CSR) and Somatic Hypermutation (SHM); both of these events occur in Germinal Center (GC) B cells. Activation Induced Cytidine deaminase (AICDA) is an enzyme required for both CSR and SHM. Since errors in both CSR and SHM lead to the seminal(More)
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