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Psychological evidence and casual intuition predict that sunny weather is associated with upbeat mood. This paper examines the relation between morning sunshine at a country's leading stock exchange and market index stock returns that day at 26 stock exchanges internationally from 1982-97. Sunshine is strongly significantly correlated with daily stock(More)
The correlation between governance indices and abnormal returns documented for 1990–1999 subsequently disappeared. The correlation and its disappearance are both due to market participants' gradually learning to appreciate the difference between good-governance and poor-governance firms. Consistent with learning, the correlation's disappearance was(More)
Sleep disturbances are a frequent reason for pediatric consultation. When the disturbance persists in the form of delays in entering or maintaining sleep (DIMS), a vicious cycle develops. As part of the cycle, vigilance or arousal occurs, further inhibiting sleep occurrence. Persistent DIMS requires treatment to interrupt this self-perpetuating sequence.(More)
A 12-year-old male, unresponsive to therapy for symptoms associated with reflex sympathetic dystrophy, was treated by thermal biofeedback techniques. Within the first four treatment sessions, transfer of training from digital warming to warming the affected knee area produced skin temperature elevation around the gastrocnemius and patellar areas.(More)
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