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Decoding “The Code”: Reception Theory and Moral Judgment of Dexter
Dexter is a popular television show because it uses the narrative devices of classic cop shows while adding the twist of having a protagonist as an antihero who kills people. Accordingly, this studyExpand
Politics of Fear? Reception Analysis of the New Yorker Obama Cover’s Meaning, Effect and Editorial Decision
In july of2008, the New Yorker's cover depicted Barack Obal11a dressed in traditional Muslill1 garb 'fist blllnping' his \vife Michelle, who was dressed in traditional black-lnilitant attire. In theExpand
Book Review: Doing Q Methodological Research: Theory, Method and Interpretation
Simon Watts and Paul Stenner Doing Q Methodological Research: Theory, Method and Interpretation. London: Sage, 2012. 238 pp.Watts and Stenner have produced the first major text in more than twentyExpand
Viewpoint Endorsement Equals Viewpoint Neutrality? The Circular Logic of Government Speech Doctrine
The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision of Walker v. Sons of Confederate Veterans broadens the scope of the meaning of government speech which threatens the marketplace of ideas and the fundamentalExpand
Political Entertainment or Entertaining Politics
The mass appeal of television points to its intentional flexibility to be read differently by different audiences. Even a subject-specific show such as the West Wing, must be open to differentExpand
In the last few years we have had a number of infamous national security leaks and prosecutions. Many have argued that these people have done a great service for our nation by revealing theExpand
A Reckless Disregard for the Truth? The Constitutional Right to Lie in Politics
In the first presidential campaign following the controversial United States Supreme Court decision in Citizens United, much attention was given to the record amount of money spent on theExpand
Where Are Those Good Ol’ Fashioned Values? Reception Analysis of the Offensive Humor on Family Guy
Over the last ten years, Family Guy has made its mark by pushing the envelope as an equal opportunity offender. For the writers, no subject is too sacred. This study examines how the key demographicExpand