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i Summary This paper defines four basic business models based on what asset rights are sold (Creators, Distributors, Landlords and Brokers) and four variations of each based on what type of assets are involved (Financial, Physical, Intangible, and Human). Using this framework, we classified the business models of all 10,970 publicly traded firms in the US(More)
Collaborative settings of multidisciplinary teams separated across geographical and temporal boundaries call for an integrated framework to support intelligent and distributed CAD. This paper presents a framework to improve the a bility to represent, capture, and reuse design rationale by using: computer-supported design rationale model (DRIMER) to capture(More)
PEBBLES (Providing Education By Bringing Learning Environments to Students) is a videoconferencing system which combines traditional videoconferencing equipment with simple robotics. It allows elementary school aged children who are unable to attend school because of hospitalization or other reasons to establish a presence in their classroom with a remotely(More)
Aligning and plumbing of construction assemblies is a fundamental problem because of reliance on manual solutions for geometric feedback control problem involved with practices such as pipefitting and steel structures erection. Where defective components and segments are not well controlled, the errors propagate in larger components and therefore cause more(More)
The paper describes a 8.125-15.625 Gbps medium-reach SerDes macro for use in a networking memory system. The SerDes employs a sub-sampling ring-oscillator phase-locked loop to obtain a large frequency range with low jitter performance. In addition, the transmitter uses a modified hybrid output driver and a multi-step duty-cycle corrector. The receiver uses(More)
One of the most prohibiting factors when attempting to reuse structural steel members or systems of members is the time and labour required to accurately determine dimensions. Current practices dictate that all required measurements are recorded by hand using tape measures and calipers which adds a significant cost to reused steel. To mitigate this cost, a(More)
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