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The mammalian CNS contains a ubiquitous population of glial progenitors known as NG2+ cells that have the ability to develop into oligodendrocytes and undergo dramatic changes in response to injury and demyelination. Although it has been reported that NG2+ cells are multipotent, their fate in health and disease remains controversial. Here, we generated(More)
Compressing protocol headers has traditionally been an attractive way of conserving bandwidth over low-speed links, including those in wireless systems. However, despite the growth in recent years in the number of end-to-end protocols beyond TCP/IP, header compression deployment for those protocols has not kept pace. This is in large part due to(More)
For more than a decade, supersample anti-aliasing (SSAA) and multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) have been the gold-standard anti-aliasing solutions in games. However, these techniques are not well suited for deferred shading or fixed environments like the current generation of consoles. In recent years, industry and academia have been exploring alternative(More)
INTRODUCTION Women who have undergone a full-term pregnancy before the age of 20 have one-half the risk of developing breast cancer compared with women who have never gone through a full-term pregnancy. This protective effect is observed universally among women of all ethnic groups. Parity in rats and mice also protects them against chemically induced(More)
The measurement of blood pressure is an important cardiovascular health assessment, yet the current set of methodologies is limited in resolution, repeatability, accuracy, simplicity, and safety. This paper presents the design and prototype implementation of a novel and easy-to-use medical device for noninvasive and continuous blood pressure monitoring(More)
This paper introduces the binary granule into the algorithm in computing and mining meteorological data. By redefining the binary algorithm, matching operators, convergence operators, disjunction operators, shift algorithm, and the shielding granule are given based on the binary granule. The function of operators is also explained, then different operators(More)
To get land cover information of study city area, and according to the spectral feather of the wanted classes including water, vegetation, impervious surface, and soil at LANDSAT-TM remote sensing image, we used a method that using three indexes including normalized difference vegetation index, modify normalized difference water index, and ratio impervious(More)