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The Ad hoc Multicast Routing protocol (AMRoute) presents a novel approach for robust IP Multicast in mobile ad hoc networks by exploiting user-multicast trees and dynamic logical cores. It creates a bidirectional, shared tree for data distribution using only group senders and receivers as tree nodes. Unicast tunnels are used as tree links to connect(More)
PURPOSE Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) allows greater control over dose distribution, which leads to a decrease in radiation related toxicity. IMRT, however, requires precise and accurate delineation of the organs at risk and target volumes. Manual delineation is tedious and suffers from both interobserver and intraobserver variability. State(More)
Students in COGS 101 came up with 30 research projects that could serve as Capstone Projects. If you'd like to use one of them, you'd need to get permission from the group (contact info on the slide). Assignment Based on your journal experiences (topic were sleep, procrastination, and threat), design a research study that could be carried out by an(More)
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