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Our goal is to enable military planners to rapidly critique alternative battle plans by simulating multiple outcomes of adversarial plans. We describe a novel simulator, SimPath, that combines qualitative reasoning, a geographic information system (GIS), and targeted probabilistic calculations to envision how adversarial battle plans can play out. We(More)
In the initial experiment, 20 male and 20 female heterogeneous stock (HS) mice were divided randomly into experimental and control groups. Ethanol was administered in liquid diet form to the experimental group in increasing dosages for a 9-day period followed by behavioral and physiological tests to determine differences between groups and genders 6 to 7 hr(More)
BACKGROUND In genetic transcription research, gene expression is typically reported in a test sample relative to a reference sample. Laboratory assays that measure gene expression levels, from Q-RT-PCR to microarrays to RNA-Seq experiments, will compare two samples to the same genetic sequence of interest. Standard practice is to use the log(2)-ratio as the(More)
We present a multi-phase model of emotions that integrates automatic and fast affective reactions with slower cognitive appraisals to create a final emotional appraisal that is grounded in previous emotional experiences. Affective reactions are the product of an analogical comparison between the current situation and similar cases in memory. This is(More)
Two experiments, using centrally administered [D-Ala2-MePhe4-Gly(ol)5]enkephalin (DAMGO), a selective mu-opioid agonist, assessed the thermoregulatory consequences of cold acclimation. Experiment 1 assessed whether cold acclimation influenced DAMGO hyperthermia at room temperature. Sialo-adenectomized rats were implanted with ICV cannulae and IP(More)
A method is described whereby the electrical activity in the masseter muscles is used as an index of chewing force. By using the kinesiograph, it was possible to determine the interrelationship of the phases of the chewing cycle and to measure the duration of each phase. On the basis of a pilot study of 10 dentate subjects and two complete denture wearers,(More)