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Integrin-linked kinase (ILK) is a serine/threonine protein kinase that plays an important role in integrin signaling and cell proliferation. We used Cre recombinase (Cre)-loxP technology to study CNS restricted knock-out of the ilk gene by either Nestin-driven or gfap-driven Cre-mediated recombination. Developmental changes in ilk-excised brain regions are(More)
/ Telecommunications companies (telcos) paid too much for European 3G licences on the basis that they would be able to reach mobile consumers directly with web content. The subsequent reluctance of consumers to pay for commercial content and the debts and devaluations afflicting the post-tech-boom telcos has had several consequences. Besides an(More)
Genetically encoded signaling proteins provide remarkable opportunities to design and target the expression of molecules that can be used to report critical cellular events in vivo, thereby markedly extending the scope and physiological relevance of studies of cell function. Here we report the development of a transgenic mouse expressing such a reporter and(More)
Conditional inactivation of individual genes in mice using site-specific recombinases is an extremely powerful method for determining the complex roles of mammalian genes in developmental and tissue-specific contexts, a major goal of post-genomic research. However, the process of generating mice with recombinase recognition sequences placed at specific(More)
Focal adhesion Kinase (FAK) is a nonreceptor protein tyrosine kinase that is overexpressed in tumors and plays a significant role in tumor survival and metastasis. The purpose of the study is to perform correlation of FAK expression with patient prognostic factors using tissue microarrays (TMA) samples. We analyzed FAK expression by immunohistochemical(More)
Nelson all rights reserved. This text may be freely shared among individuals, but it may not be republished in any medium without express written consent from the authors and advance notification of the editor. Abstract This article describes a probability project used in an upper division, one-semester probability course with third-semester calculus and(More)
Contemporary theory in interpersonal communication and health psychology supports the prediction that engaging in affectionate behavior within established relationships has a direct effect on the alleviation of stress symptoms following exposure to an acute stressor. Participants in this study were exposed to a series of standard laboratory stressors and(More)
Partial evaluation techniques have been known to yield order of magnitude speedups of real-world applications. Despite this tremendous potential, partial evaluators are rarely put to practical use. This is primarily because it is not easy for users to extend partial evaluators to work on their specific applications. This thesis describes Blitzkrieg, a(More)
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