Jason Wilson

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The innate immune response is the first line of defense against foreign pathogens. The recognition of virus-associated molecular patterns, including double- and single-stranded RNA, by pattern recognition receptors initiates a cascade of signaling reactions. These result in the transcriptional upregulation and secretion of proinflammatory cytokines that(More)
Tetra-O-methyl nordihydroguaiaretic acid, also known as terameprocol (TMP), is a naturally occurring phenolic compound found in the resin of the creosote bush. We have shown previously that TMP will suppress production of certain inflammatory cytokines, chemokines and lipids from macrophages following stimulation with LPS or infection with H1N1 influenza(More)
In genetic transcription research, gene expression is typically reported in a test sample relative to a reference sample. Laboratory assays that measure gene expression levels, from Q-RT-PCR to microarrays to RNA-Seq experiments, will compare two samples to the same genetic sequence of interest. Standard practice is to use the log2-ratio as the measure of(More)
In microarray experiments, the goal is often to examine many genes, and select some of them for additional investigation. Traditionally, such a selection problem has been formulated as a multiple testing problem. When the genes of interest are genes with unequal distribution of gene expression under different conditions, multiple testing methods provide an(More)
The classical approach to long term load forecasting is often limited to the use of load and weather information occurring with monthly or annual frequency. This low resolution, infrequent data can sometimes lead to inaccurate forecasts. Load forecasters often have a hard time explaining the errors based on the limited information available through the low(More)
Our goal is to enable military planners to rapidly critique alternative battle plans by simulating multiple outcomes of adversarial plans. We describe a novel simulator, SimPath, that combines qualitative reasoning, a geographic information system (GIS), and targeted probabilistic calculations to envision how adversarial battle plans can play out. We(More)
We present a multi-phase model of emotions that integrates automatic and fast affective reactions with slower cognitive appraisals to create a final emotional appraisal that is grounded in previous emotional experiences. Affective reactions are the product of an analogical comparison between the current situation and similar cases in memory. This is(More)
One frontier of modern statistical research is the problems arising from data sets with extremely large k (>1000) populations, e.g. microarray and neuroimaging data. For many such problems the focus shifts from testing for significance to selecting, filtering, or screening. Classical Ranking and Selection Methodology (RSM) studied the probability of correct(More)