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The detection of emotion is becoming an increasingly important field for human-computer interaction as the advantages emotion recognition offer become more apparent and realisable. Emotion recognition can be achieved by a number of methods, one of which is through the use of bio-sensors. Bio-sensors possess a number of advantages against other emotion(More)
  • Michael E Reith, Rama K Singh, Bruce Curtis, Jessica M Boyd, Anne Bouevitch, Jennifer Kimball +7 others
  • 2008
BACKGROUND Aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida is a Gram-negative bacterium that is the causative agent of furunculosis, a bacterial septicaemia of salmonid fish. While other species of Aeromonas are opportunistic pathogens or are found in commensal or symbiotic relationships with animal hosts, A. salmonicida subsp. salmonicida causes disease in(More)
This paper provides a first assessment of a statistical dialog system in public use. In our dialog system there are four main recognition tasks, or slots – bus route names, bus-stop locations , dates, and times. Whereas a conventional system tracks a single value for each slot – i.e., the speech recognizer's top hypothesis – our statistical system tracks a(More)
In a spoken dialog system, dialog state tracking deduces information about the user's goal as the dialog progresses, synthesizing evidence such as dialog acts over multiple turns with external data sources. Recent approaches have been shown to overcome ASR and SLU errors in some applications. However, there are currently no common testbeds or evaluation(More)
As on-chip transistor counts increase, the computing landscape has shifted to multi- and many-core devices. Computational accelerators have adopted this trend by incorporating both fixed and reconfigurable many-core and multi-core devices. As more, disparate devices enter the market, there is an increasing need for concepts, terminology, and classification(More)
Given a planar set S of arbitrary topology and a radius r, we show how to construct an r-tightening of S, which is a set whose boundary has a radius of curvature everywhere greater than or equal to r and which only differs from S in a morphologically-defined tolerance zone we call the mortar. The mortar consists of the thin or highly curved parts of S, such(More)
This paper describes a method for " boot-strapping " a Reinforcement Learning-based dialog manager using a Wizard-of-Oz trial. The state space and action set are discovered through the annotation, and an initial policy is generated using a Supervised Learning algorithm. The method is tested and shown to create an initial policy which performs significantly(More)