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The association of genes with the nuclear pore complex (NPC) and nuclear transport factors has been implicated in transcriptional regulation. We therefore examined the association of components of the nuclear transport machinery including karyopherins, nucleoporins, and the Ran guanine-nucleotide exchange factor (RanGEF) with the Saccharomyces cerevisiae(More)
This paper proposes a consistent approach to the pricing of weather derivatives. Since weather derivatives are traded in an incomplete market setting, standard hedging based pricing methods cannot be applied. The growth optimal portfolio, which is interpreted as a world stock index, is used as a benchmark or numeraire such that all benchmarked derivative(More)
The current study purpose examined the vertical height-anthropometry relationship with jump data obtained from an instrumented platform. Our methods required college-aged (n = 177) subjects to make 3 visits to our laboratory to measure the following anthropometric variables: height, body mass, upper arm length (UAL), lower arm length, upper leg length, and(More)
BACKGROUND Extrapancreatic tissues such as liver may serve as potential sources of tissue for generating insulin-producing cells. The dynamics of insulin gene promoter activity in extrapancreatic tissues may be monitored in vivo by bioluminescence-imaging (BLI) of transgenic mice Tg(RIP-luc) expressing the firefly luciferase (luc) under a rat-insulin gene(More)
The Australian coal industry has been described as being a perpetual case of ‘profitless prosperity’. This implies that foreign companies invest in low-margin mining activities with motives other than profit. It is argued that foreign investors and Japanese trading companies in particular used government investment concessions and subsidies to help create(More)
This paper proposes an integrated approach to price weather derivatives based on the existence of an optimal benchmark portfolio for discrete time modelling. This portfolio, known as the growth optimal portfolio, when used as the numeraire ensures all benchmarked price processes are supermartingales. No further measure transformation is needed for the(More)
This paper proposes an approach to the intraday analysis of the dynamics of electricity prices. The growth optimal portfolio (GOP) is used as a reference unit in a continuous financial electricity price model. A diversified global portfolio in the form a market capitalisation weighted index approximates the GOP. The GOP, measured in units of electricity, is(More)
This paper shows that the probability of exercise of convertible bonds issued against a firm’s stock directly affects the liquidity of the stock itself. Using the ratio of absolute stock return to its dollar volume as a proxy for stock liquidity I demonstrate that there is a direct and positive relationship between conversion probability and stock liquidity(More)