Jason W. Faulring

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The ALGE code is a hydrodynamic model developed by Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) to derive the power output levels of an electric generation facility from observing the associated cooling pond with an aerial imaging platform. Over the past two years work has been completed to extend the capabilities of the model to incorporate snow and ice as(More)
The Digital Imaging and Remote Sensing Laboratory (DIRS) at the Rochester Institute of Technology, along with the Savannah River National Laboratory is investigating passive methods to quantify vehicle loading. The research described in this paper investigates multiple vehicle indicators including brake temperature, tire temperature, engine temperature,(More)
Airborne and space borne remote sensing platforms often incorporate in-scene ground truth measurements as a means of calibration and increasing the robustness of the model used to extract information from the imaged scene. In large scale experiments it is often impractical to utilize human observers for ground truth measurements due to temporal and physical(More)
Determining the mass of a vehicle from ground-based passive sensor data is important for many traffic safety requirements. This work presents a method for calculating the mass of a vehicle using ground-based video and acoustic measurements. By assuming that no energy is lost in the conversion, the mass of a vehicle can be calculated from the rotational(More)
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