Jason W. A. Selby

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— This paper introduces a novel application of thread-level speculation to a distributed heterogeneous environment. We propose and evaluate two speculative models which attempt to reduce some of the method call overhead associated with distributed objects. Thread-level speculation exploits parallelism in code which is not provably free of data dependencies.(More)
As the useful life expectancy of software continues to increase, the task of maintaining the source code has become the dominant phase of the software life-cycle. In order to improve the ability of software to age and successfully evolve over time, it is important to identify system design and programming practices which may result in increased difficulty(More)
In this study we examine the performance and power benefits resulting from many traditional and aggressive compiler optimizations. Examples of early and loop optimizations were translated from classic compiler textbooks into PowerPC assembly and executed in the Dynamic Super-Scalar Wattch simulation environment. Each optimization was applied in an isolated(More)
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