Jason Vaughan

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Schizophrenia is a common psychiatric condition, affecting approximately 1% of the population. Acute emergent presentations often include hallucinations, delusions, thought, and speech disorders. Agitation is common among emergency patients with schizophrenia. Decisional capacity should be assessed in all patients. Reversible causes of agitation should be(More)
The Commons on Flickr, comprised of an international community of select libraries, museums, and archives, was a project initially launched in 2008 by the Library of Congress and Flickr. Primary goals of The Commons are to broaden exposure to rich cultural heritage photographs and to observe and participate in the communities of engagement and dialog(More)
The remarkable changes occurring in patients suffering from Addisonian pernicious anemia who have received adequate liver therapy are now well known. .Among these changes the rise of the percentage of reticulocytes in the peripheral blood is most striking, and attention has also been repeatedly drawn to the gain in weight associated with improvement in the(More)
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