Jason Vaughan

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Schizophrenia is a common psychiatric condition, affecting approximately 1% of the population. Acute emergent presentations often include hallucinations, delusions, thought, and speech disorders. Agitation is common among emergency patients with schizophrenia. Decisional capacity should be assessed in all patients. Reversible causes of agitation should be(More)
2 The studio team would like to thank Sadara Barrow and Adrian Tirtanadi of the Port Towns Community Development Corporation for their support and guidance during this project. Their insights and suggestions greatly added to the studio team's understanding and respect for the four vibrant municipalities of the Maryland Port Towns. The authors would also(More)
We describe a method for determining the cytotoxic effect of soft contact lens care solutions. The method provides a means for the direct exposure of mammalian cells to solutions and to lenses that have been soaked in solutions. Cytotoxicity was indicated by significant increases in the number of dead cells relative to controls. The cytotoxicity of a test(More)
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