Jason Upchurch

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Each day, malware analysts are tasked with more samples than they have the ability to analyze by hand. To produce this trend, malware authors often reuse a significant portion of their code. In this paper, we introduce a technique to statically decompose malicious software to identify shared code. This technique variably applies a sliding-window methodology(More)
As the technological and operational capabilities of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) have grown, so too have international efforts to integrate UAS into civil airspace. However, one of the major concerns that must be addressed in realizing this integration is that of safety. For example, UAS lack an on-board pilot to comply with the legal requirement that(More)
Detecting code reuse in malicious software is complicated by the lack of source code. The same circumstance that makes code reuse detection in malicious software desirable , that is, the limited availability of original source code, also contributes to the difficulty of detecting code reuse. In this paper, we propose a method for detecting code reuse in(More)
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