Jason Trager

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In a recent issue of Systematic Entomology, Ward et al. (2015) presented a new variant of the phylogeny of the huge and extremely diverse ant clade Myrmicinae. Their paper is a valuable contribution to understand the formation of major phylogenetic clades against a credibly evaluated time scale. The intention of our opinion paper is not to criticize(More)
We present the architecture, implementation, and initial results from a live, continuous energy auditing system. By combining QR codes and mobile phones, we are able to iteratively collect building plug-load information and couple it with live, streaming meter data. The system consists of a deployment of inexpensive tags (QR codes) as well a(More)
Accurate load prediction methods in commercial buildings can provide a benefit to understanding the energy behavior of commercial buildings for improved building energy management. A crucial first step to understanding the potential energy savings and to developing a proper building energy management system in commercial buildings is the development of a(More)
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