Jason Tian Seng Cheah

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OBJECTIVE To report the extent of self-reported chronic diseases, self-rated health status (SRH) and healthcare utilization among residents in 1-2 room Housing Development Board (HDB) apartments in Toa Payoh. MATERIALS & METHODS The study population included a convenience sample of residents from 931 housing development board (HDB) units residing in 1-2(More)
The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that globally, more than 150 million people today suffer from depression. The WHO further estimates that mental, neurological, and substance use disorders account for 14% of the global burden of disease. In Singapore, major depressive disorders (MDD) is the most common psychiatric disorder. One in 16 people(More)
Purpose: Alternative models of care for the frail elderly are needed in Singapore in view of the rapidly ageing population, increased longevity and increase in the complexity of elderly care needs. The objective of the programme (SPICE) is to delay and avoid institutional care for the frail elderly by meeting their complex care needs in the community.(More)
Globally, healthcare systems have been largely centered on acute care characterized by episodic, high-level (often expensive) care with sophisticated medical sub-specialization. There is now consensus globally that there should be a fundamental refocus by health-care systems towards more care outside of the acute setting so as to deal with the challenges of(More)
Leadership for Healthcare offers a comprehensive summary of generic concepts and ideas about leadership and attempts to organise and structure the content based on the 'Warwick 6 C Framework for thinking about leadership' which was co-developed by the authors. The book builds on the idea that too many earlier reviews of leadership approaches centred on(More)
Population ageing is arguably humanity's greatest challenge in the 21st century. The magnitude of this phenomenon, compounded by the increasing burden of chronic illnesses and the question of longevity and quality of life, will undoubtedly create health, economic and social demands on all developed and developing countries [1]. In Singapore, the government(More)
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