Jason Spingarn-Koff

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In this paper we describe Rope Revolution, a rope-based gaming system for collaborative play. After identifying popular rope games and activities around the world, we developed a generalized tangible rope interface that includes a compact motion-sensing and force-feedback module that can be used for a variety of rope-based games. Rope Revolution is designed(More)
Jump roping, a game in which one or more people twirl a rope while others jump over the rope, promotes social interaction among children while developing their coordination skills and physical fitness. However, the traditional game requires that players be in the same physical location. Our 'Multi-Jump' jump-roping game platform builds on the traditional(More)
Rope-based games such as jump rope, tug-of-war, and kite-flying promote physical activity and social interaction among people of all ages and especially in children during the development of their coordination skills and physical fitness. Our RopePlus system builds on those traditional games by enabling players to participate remotely through interacting(More)
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