Jason Speck

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Objective: We explored the influence of patients' proactivity in communication, their age, and co-morbidities on physician recommendations of breast and colorectal cancer screening. We focused on mammogram and colono-scopy/sigmoidoscopy, as the recommended screening tests for these prevalent late life cancers. Methods: Data are based on interviews with 414(More)
A cytotoxicity test using blood and saccharomyces cells (SCT) was experimentally applied in a sample of pedigreed commercial chickens from different lines over 3 generations to test its usefulness as a parameter for the nonspecific defense capacity. The results clearly show a significant difference between the SC rates in the different lines. Positive(More)
Nonlaying intervals were induced in 6 group of 30 hens with chlormadinone acetate (CAP), with a 7th groups serving as a control. 3 groups were treated for 10 days and 3 for 20 days, each group getting a different dosage of CAP. 1.2% of the hens were lost per month in the control group, with losses in the other 6 groups ranging from .6 to 1.7%/month. The(More)
Hens were immunized with bacterial polysaccharide (alginate), Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg), and potato viruses (PVA, PVS, PVM, PVX, and PVY). The antibodies were isolated noninvasively from the yolks of laid eggs. The purified yolk immunoglobulins (IgY) were tested in an array of various assays and diagnostic techniques. The methods employed were(More)
Three independent perturbants of the human platelet membrane were found to differentially interfere with modulation of platelet alpha 2-adrenergic receptor-agonist interactions by guanine nucleotides and Na+. Treatment of intact platelets with 1mM N-ethylmaleimide, exposure of particulate preparations to 60 degrees or digitonin solubilization of platelet(More)