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Insulin resistance arises from the inability of insulin to act normally in regulating nutrient metabolism in peripheral tissues. Increasing evidence from human population studies and animal research has established correlative as well as causative links between chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. However, the underlying molecular pathways are(More)
Islet cell antibodies, insulin antibodies and hyperglycaemia were investigated in 2291 healthy schoolchildren. Eight of the subjects had islet cell antibodies and eight had insulin antibodies. However, no schoolchild who was positive for islet cell antibodies also had insulin antibodies present. Hyperglycaemia was observed in five children but neither islet(More)
The association of copper and zinc to plasma ligands was studied during the rat perinatal period. Analysis was carried out by means of column chromatography (Sephadex G-150) and atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Levels of copper were low at birth and showed a sharp increase after day 10. This increase was similar to that of ceruloplasmin activity as well(More)
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