Jason Snyder

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This paper reports on a quantitative evaluation of five years of data collected in the first three programming courses at Virginia Tech. The dataset involves a total of 89,879 assignment submissions by 1,101 different students. Assignment results were partitioned into two groups: scores above 80% (A/B) and scores below 80% (C/D/F). To investigate student(More)
The Library for Interface Testing (LIFT) supports writing unit tests for Java applications with graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Current frameworks for GUI testing provide the necessary tools, but are complicated and difficult to use for beginners, often requiring a significant amount of time to learn. LIFT takes the approach that unit testing GUIs should(More)
Figuring out the best way to communicate with and serve students is one of the paramount challenges facing library and technology organizations today, including Bucknell University's merged Information Services and Resources organization (ISR). In an effort to resolve this issue, we went straight to our students, asking, "How should we communicate with(More)
OSSIE is an open source SDR project created for education and research. When used as a teaching example, OSSIE provides lessons about open source and systems development. It is also an ideal platform for a variety of projects, from capstone studies to theses. A series of labs introduces new users to the software and quickly illustrate key SDR concepts and(More)
The College's of New Jersey's Computer Science department offers capstone mentored research courses to qualifying juniors and seniors. Students can typically enroll in up to two such courses, offering the opportunity to work in small groups or a one-on-one basis with a full-time faculty member, typically through the incorporation a faculty member's research(More)
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