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The Panasas file system uses parallel and redundant access to object storage devices (OSDs), per-file RAID, distributed metadata management, consistent client caching, file locking services, and internal cluster management to provide a scalable, fault tolerant, high performance distributed file system. The clustered design of the storage system and the use(More)
BACKGROUND There has been increasing interest in the distinction between subthreshold and full syndrome disorders and specifically whether subthreshold conditions escalate or predict the onset of full syndrome disorders over time. Most of these studies, however, examined whether a single subthreshold condition escalates into the full syndrome form of that(More)
Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is highly comorbid with alcohol use disorders (AUDs) and cannabis dependence. However, the temporal sequencing of these disorders has not been extensively studied to determine whether SAD serves as a specific risk factor for problematic substance use. The present study examined these relationships after controlling for(More)
The authors examined whether substance use disorder (SUD) before age 19 was associated with functioning at age 30. Participants (N = 773) were assessed twice during adolescence and at ages 24 and 30. Eight of 14 adult measures were associated with adolescent SUD: education, unemployment, income, risky sexual behavior, suicide attempt, coping, stressful life(More)
OBJECTIVE To ascertain the extent to which childhood separation anxiety disorder (SAD) confers risk for the development of psychopathology during young adulthood (ages 19-30). METHOD A subset of the participants of the Oregon Adolescent Depression Project (n = 816) was used. Subjects provided retrospective reports of lifetime mental illness (including(More)
BACKGROUND There has been increasing interest in the validity and familial transmission of subthreshold psychiatric conditions and the relationship between subthreshold conditions and full syndrome (FS) disorders. However, most of these studies examined a single subthreshold condition and thus fail to take into account the high co-morbidity among(More)
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