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This paper investigates detection of architectural distortion in mammographic images using support vector machine. Hausdorff dimension is used to characterise the texture feature of mammographic images. Support vector machine, a learning machine based on statistical learning theory, is trained through supervised learning to detect architectural distortion.(More)
In this work, we introduce the Growth Curve Analysis Tool (GCAT). GCAT is designed to enable efficient analysis of high-throughput microbial growth curve data collected from cultures grown in microtiter plates. GCAT is accessible through a web browser, making it easy to use and operating system independent. GCAT implements fitting of global sigmoid curve(More)
Considerable data suggest that individuals who appear minimally disrupted during an initial drug administration have elevated risk for abusing the drug later. A better understanding of this association could lead to more effective strategies for preventing and treating drug addiction. To investigate this phenomenon using a rigorous experimental model, we(More)
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