Jason S.W. Wong

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Building rights management syste6ms for electronic commerce is still a complex task, as they may need to manage a large set of different media, rights, and technologies. Recently Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) was proposed to provide a secured environment for music distribution through Internet, in which rights management is a concern and is(More)
During the last two decades, the structure and function of clinical learning and teaching have undergone significant changes. Nursing students demand quality teaching rather than supervision in the clinical area alone. At the same time, expectations and demands of university nursing faculty also change. Nurse educators are under increasing pressure to(More)
This is a prospective study conducted from February 2000 to July 2002 in a single neurosurgeon neurosurgical service in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. There were 66 cases of subarachnoid hemorrhage or intracranial aneurysm presenting to this hospital over the study period. Fifty cases had their aneurysms clipped. Eighty percent of our patients were(More)
Curriculum is the educational design of learning experiences for the students. Curricular experiences include course content as well as learning activities. The selection and organization of curricular experiences must also reflect the philosophy of the school. The identifying and organizing of curricular experiences begins with the analysis of curriculum(More)
This article describes the implementation of a computer assisted instruction clinical simulation, as an evaluation strategy for determining baccalaureate students' clinical decision-making skills. Students' reactions toward this strategy have been consistently positive. Similarly, faculty were satisfied with this method of assessment. Our experience has(More)
Evaluation of nursing educational programmes has received increased attention since the early 1970s. Many evaluation models have been proposed; they are intended for evaluation of the total educational programme, but provide little evidence on the relevancy of the support courses to nursing practice. This paper describes one nursing school's experience in(More)
Total hip replacement is a common and expensive procedure. Any attempt to shorten the length of hospital stay safely is desirable. Proposes a scoring system specifically designed for this patient population, to determine the optimal timing of safe discharge and postacute care placement. Discusses its implications for the quality of patient care.