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Seeds have often been emphasized in estimates of plant fitness because they are the units that carry genes to the next generation, disperse, and found new populations. We contend that clonal growth also needs to be considered when estimating fitness in clonal plants, regardless of whether fitness is measured from a genet or ramet perspective. Clonal growth(More)
eJournal interface can influence usage statistics: implications for libraries, publishers, and Project COUNTER. Abstract The design of a publisher's electronic interface can have a measurable effect on electronic journal usage statistics. A study of journal usage from six COUNTER-compliant publishers at thirty-two research institutions in the United States,(More)
Genotype, environment, and genotype by environment interactions determine quantitative resistance to leaf rust (Coleosporium asterum) in Euthamia graminifolia (Asteraceae) Summary • The strength and consistency of genotypic differences in disease resistance determine the potential for resistance evolution in host populations that rely on vegetative(More)
  • J S Price
  • 1991
Looking at the onset of depressive states in linear terms, there is often a problem of distinguishing cause and effect: did the adverse life-events cause the depression, or did the depression cause the adverse life-events? If we abandon linear thinking and look at depression in systemic terms, the problem of cause and effect disappears, but it is replaced(More)
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