Jason S Pergolizzi

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OBJECTIVE Identify the risk factors for prescription opioid misuse among patients taking prescription opioids to deal with chronic pain. METHODS We examined the literature for a variety of dynamic risk factors associated with opioid misuse among the chronic pain population in order to present a narrative review. Considered were: taking single or multiple(More)
Abuse-deterrent opioid formulations are receiving renewed interest in light of the increasing legitimate medical use of prescription opioids for the adequate treatment of pain. Unfortunately, there is an inevitable associated potential for misuse, diversion, and abuse. The challenges of deterrence are significant: opioid abusers are a heterogeneous(More)
Prescription opioid formulations designed to resist or deter abuse are an important step in reducing opioid abuse. In creating these new formulations, the paradigm of drug development target should be introduced. Biological targets relating to the nature of addiction may pose insurmountable hurdles based on our current knowledge and technology, but products(More)
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