Jason S Ashford

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A simple, rapid, and economical procedure is described for the determination of the number of catalytically competent active sites on aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases based on the stoichiometry of aminoacyl adenylate formation. On mixing tRNA synthetase, cognate amino acid, (gamma-32P)ATP, and inorganic pyrophosphatase under suitable conditions there is an(More)
1. The oxidation of p-dimethylaminomethylbenzylamine was followed spectrophotometrically by measuring the change in E(250) caused by the p-dimethylaminomethylbenzaldehyde produced. 2. This reaction was inhibited by substrate analogues such as isothiouronium, guanidino, dimethylsulphonium and trimethylammonium compounds. 3. The inhibition by both mono- and(More)
1. The preparation of a series of compounds derived from diamines by replacing one amino group by a dimethylsulphonium, isothiuronium, trimethylammonium, NN'-dimethylimidazolium or N-methylpyridinium species is described. 2. The behaviour of these compounds as substrates of pig kidney diamine oxidase is reported. All but the trimethylammonium compounds(More)
BACKGROUND Possible ethnic differences in the incidence of trigger thumb have not been studied in the literature. The authors' purpose was to examine the demographic characteristics of pediatric trigger thumb at a large urban medical center with a diverse patient population. METHODS The electronic medical records were reviewed for all children with(More)
1. The oxidation of some para-substituted benzylamines by diamine oxidase produces the corresponding aldehydes. This was studied to develop a spectrophotometric method for following the enzyme reaction, as the aldehydes produced absorb strongly at 250nm where the substrates are almost optically transparent. 2. p-Dimethylaminomethylbenzylamine was the most(More)
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