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We define African savannahs as being those areas that receive between 300 and 1,500 mm of rain annually. This broad definition encompasses a variety of habitats. Thus defined, savannahs comprise 13.5 million km2 and encompass most of the present range of the African lion (Panthera leo). Dense human populations and extensive conversion of land to human use(More)
Historical knowledge and recent surveys attest that lions are declining across parts of Africa (1, 2). We applaud Bauer et al. assembling available counts because they motivate better monitoring and conservation support. Their own data, however, reject their claims that lions are " declining everywhere, except in four southern countries " and that lions(More)
Blood drawn into CPD solution from 33 normal donors was divided into four groups: (I) centrifuged (at 5,000 g for 7 min) after 7 days of storage, (II) centrifuged after 14 days storage, (III) centrifuged after 21 days storage and (IV) uncentrifuged. After 21 days of storage, aliquots of all units were labeled with chromium-51, reinjected into the donor from(More)
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