Jason R. Chen

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Programming by Demonstration (PbD) is a technique for programming robots that holds much promise in making robots more accessible to ordinary, non-technical users. However, a well known difficulty with the method is that a human will often demonstrate the task to be programmed inconsistently or even erroneously, leading to the inclusion of what is(More)
The expected value and the variance of random variable are two important numerical features of probability distribution. The expected value measures " central tendency " of a random variable while the variance measures " spread " of a random variable. Sometime the expected value can be refereed as a mean of r.v. In statistical setting, the expected value(More)
—High level conceptual thought seems to be at the basis of the impressive human cognitive ability, and AI researchers aim to replicate this ability in artificial agents. Classical top-down (Logic based) and bottom-up (Connectionist) approaches to the problem have had limited success to date. We review a small body of work that represents a different(More)
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