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The medical records of 39 dogs with acute nontraumatic hemoabdomen were identified and reviewed. Anemia and hypoalbuminemia were identified in 36/37 (97%) and 25/33 (76%) dogs, respectively. Coagulopathies were identified in 26/31 (84%) dogs. When a definitive diagnosis was obtained, malignant neoplasia was diagnosed most frequently and occurred in 24/30(More)
Numerous yeast species in many genera are able to produce and excrete extracellular toxic proteins (mycocins) that can kill other specific sensitive yeasts. Natural distributions of killer yeasts suggest that they may be important in maintaining community composition and provide a benefit to the toxin producing cells. The fact that not all yeasts are(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine signalments, clinical features, clinicopathologic variables, imaging findings, treatments, and survival time of cats with presumed primary copper-associated hepatopathy (PCH) and to determine quantitative measures and histologic characteristics of the accumulation and distribution of copper in liver samples of cats with presumed PCH,(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize findings in Shih Tzus with progressive superficial necrolytic dermatitis and degenerative vacuolar hepatopathy consistent with hepatocutaneous syndrome. DESIGN Retrospective case series. ANIMALS 31 Shih Tzus. PROCEDURES Medical records were reviewed to obtain information on signalment, history, treatment, outcome, and results(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of concurrent disease in hyperthyroid cats is unknown. OBJECTIVES To identify the prevalence of concurrent intra-abdominal disease using abdominal ultrasound examination (AUS) in hyperthyroid cats referred for radioactive iodine treatment (RIT) and to determine whether the requirement for pretreatment AUS is justified. ANIMALS(More)
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