Jason Payne

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This paper presents a graphics processor based implementation of the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD), which uses a central finite differencing scheme for solving Maxwell's equations for electromagnetics. FDTD simulations can be very computationally expensive and require thousands of CPU hours to solve on traditional general purpose processors. Modern(More)
Palantir is a world-class analytic platform used worldwide by governmental and financial analysts. This paper provides an introduction to the platform contextualized by its application to the 2008 IEEE VAST contest. In this challenge, we explored a notional dataset about a fabricated religious movement, Catalano's Paraiso Manifesto Movement. 1 INTRODUCTION(More)
  • Eric T Domyan, Zev Kronenberg, Carlos R Infante, Anna I Vickrey, Sydney A Stringham, Rebecca Bruders +8 others
  • 2016
Birds display remarkable diversity in the distribution and morphology of scales and feathers on their feet, yet the genetic and developmental mechanisms governing this diversity remain unknown. Domestic pigeons have striking variation in foot feathering within a single species, providing a tractable model to investigate the molecular basis of skin appendage(More)
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