Jason P. Marshall

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We present a multiscale atomistic-to-continuum method for ionic crystals with defects. Defects often play a central role in ionic and electronic solids, not only to limit reliability but more importantly to enable the functionalities that make these materials of critical importance. Examples include solid electrolytes that conduct current through the motion(More)
Auxin-binding protein (ABP1) is an important receptor for the plant hormone auxin that is involved with many growth and developmental responses in plants. The maize ABP1 gene has been expressed in insect cells, purified and crystallized. Type II crystals are monoclinic, with two glycosylated homodimers in the asymmetric unit, and diffract to 1.9 A using(More)
Methyl mycolate from a human strain (Brévannes) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis has been converted to the corresponding methyl neromycolate, the monketo-meromycolate, and the meromycolic pyrrolidide. The fragmentation pattern of each of these materials has been determined, and with information from a synthetic meromycolate serving as a basis of comparison,(More)
The strength of granular material, specifically sand is of pivotal importance for understanding physical phenomena on other celestial bodies. However, relatively few experiments have been conducted to determine the dependence of strength properties on gravity. In this work, we experimentally investigated three measures of strength (peak, confined flow, and(More)
The InSight mission launches in 2018 to characterize several geophysical quantities on Mars, including the heat flow from the planetary interior. This quantity will be calculated by utilizing measurements of the thermal conductivity and the thermal gradient down to 5 meters below the Martian surface. One of the components of InSight is the Mole, which(More)