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Cytokines and metabolic pathway-controlling enzymes regulate immune responses and have potential as powerful tools to mediate immune tolerance. Blockade of the interaction between CD40 and CD40L induces long-term cardiac allograft survival in rats through a CD8+CD45RClo Treg potentiation. Here, we have shown that the cytokine IL-34, the immunoregulatory(More)
In transplantation tolerance, numerous regulatory populations have the capacity to inhibit allograft rejection; however, their compensatory capacities have never been clearly evidenced. We have previously demonstrated that the tolerogenic effect mediated by CD8(+)CD45RC(low) regulatory T cells (Tregs) in a model of organ transplantation with CD40Ig could be(More)
A cirrhotic patient with massive splenic infarction is described. Celiac angiography showed normally opacified splenic artery and vein and a markedly enlarged spleen with large avascular zones. Splenic infarction was associated with the spontaneous disappearance of a syndrome of hypersplenism. The spleen was surgically removed. Histological examination(More)
A statistical study of 168 cases of multiple injury observed by the authors, showed the importance of lesions of the trunk with 65 p. 100 thoracic and 73 p. 100 abdominal injuries. All cases ofmultiple injury with thoracic or abdominal injuries require early, complete assessment. This emergency assessment is perfectible by using a planned approach to these(More)