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Grid Portals, based on standard Web technologies, are increasingly used to provide user interfaces for Computational and Data Grids. However, such Grid Portals do not integrate cleanly with existing Grid security systems such as the Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI), due to lack of delegation capabilities in Web security mechanisms. We solve this problem(More)
Grid enabled portals are becoming increasingly popular as a platform for providing access to Grid services and resources. Unfortunately, much of the work done in portal development has led to vertically layered solutions that work for a particular project but are difficult to extend or reuse for other projects. The Grid-Sphere portal framework seeks to(More)
Computational science portals are emerging as useful and necessary interfaces for performing operations on the Grid. The Grid Portal Development Kit (GPDK) facilitates the development of Grid portals and provides several key reusable components for accessing various Grid services. A Grid Portal provides a customizable interface allowing scientists to(More)
Grid Portals, based o n standard web technologies, are emerging as important and useful user interfaces to Computational and Data Grids. Grid portals enable Virtual Organizations, comprised of distributed researchers t o collaborate and access resources more efficiently and seamlessly. T h e Astrophysics Simulation Collaboratory (ASC) Grid Portal provides a(More)
The Cactus parallel simulation framework provides a modular and extensible set of components for solving relativity problems on parallel computers. In recent w ork, we have i n vestigated techniques that would enable the execution of Cactus applications in wide area computational grid" environments. In a rst study, w e i n vestigated the feasibility of(More)
SUMMARY We describe a Grid-based collaboratory that supports the collaborative development and use of advanced simulation codes. Our implementation of this collaboratory uses a mix of Web technologies (for thin-client access) and Grid services (for secure remote access to, and management of, distributed resources). Our collaboratory enables researchers in(More)