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In an era of rising college costs and stagnant grant-based student aid, many young adults rely on their parents' resources and student loans to pay for their postsecondary education. In this study I ask how parents' income and education are linked to young adults' student loan debt. I develop and test two perspectives regarding the functional form of the(More)
Modeling tools can play an important role in synthetic biology the same way modeling helps in other engineering disciplines: simulations can quickly probe mechanisms and provide a clear picture of how different components influence the behavior of the whole. We present a brief review of available tools and present SynBioSS Designer. The Synthetic Biology(More)
M illions of families across the United States are evicted each year. Yet, we know next to nothing about the impact eviction has on their lives. Focusing on low-income urban mothers, a population at high risk of eviction, this study is among the first to examine rigorously the consequences of involuntary displacement from housing. Applying two methods of(More)
BACKGROUND An emerging literature shows that mortgage strain can lead to poor health outcomes, but less work has focused on whether and how health shocks influence mortgage distress. We examine the link between changes in health status and default/foreclosure risk among older middle-aged adults. METHOD We used National Longitudinal Study of Youth 1979(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the relationship between depressive symptoms and all-cause mortality in a longitudinal study with a nationally representative sample. Research has shown that depressive symptoms increase mortality risk, but results have been inconclusive regarding the role of physical health conditions in the relationship. This study asks whether the(More)
Sexual harassment has been theorized as a stressor with consequences for the physical and mental health of its targets. Though social scientists have documented a negative association between sexual harassment and mental health, few longitudinal studies have investigated the association between sexual harassment and depressive symptoms. Using longitudinal(More)
When we think about social inequality, it's tempting to view it as the inevitable byproduct of effort, where those at the top are rewarded for their perseverance, and those at the bottom should work harder to " pull themselves up by their bootstraps. " In this class, we will interrogate these naïve assumptions, and explore sociological understandings of(More)
A problem based on the actual passenger transportation operations of two community disability service organizations in St. Paul is presented. The problem is to minimize the number of routes needed to serve all the passengers subject to spatial and temporal constraints on the routing of vehicles. Additional problem characteristics include heterogeneous(More)