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A top line decreased the visibility of a simultaneous, identical, distant bottom line. This context-produced decrease in visibility (DV) occurred when the bottom line was masked by flanking lines and hence was less visible than the top line. It continued when the top line was three times as far from the bottom line. It disappeared without the mask. There(More)
Subjects performed a series of forced-choice discriminations to determine whether both group-assimilation and group-visibility associations could be obtained from nearly identical strong and weak group patterns. The discrimination between the context+target square and the context [symbol: see text] was better than between the target- and background, as was(More)
BACKGROUND Meaningful Use (MU) provides financial incentives for electronic health record (EHR) implementation. EHR implementation holds promise for improving healthcare delivery, but also requires substantial changes for providers and staff. Establishing readiness for these changes may be important for realizing potential EHR benefits. Our study assesses(More)
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